Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 9 ...a continuation of day 8

Well yesterday was not at all productive in a miniature sorta fashion.  It was very productive in a 'spend good quality time with my husband' sorta fashion though :) But since I never got to telling you about the paperdolls from the evening prior, I guess thats what you get to hear about now.  So as I was about to crawl into bed about midnight 2 nights ago (ya right, like I was going to sleep that early :)  I has a great idea (I'm sure I'm not the 1st to have this idea, but it was my 1st time having it) Paperdolls.  So I grabbed the ipad, started searching...O that's right, I was already on my ipad, I was searching for craft and hobby book jackets for my book obsession.  Ok, now it's all coming back to me, thats when paperdolls hit me!  Anyway, next thing ya know I'm making paperdolls.  They are full booklets, although I need to tweak the inside pages, I'm not at all happy with the quality of the inside pages, but they need to be reg thin paper, not photo paper to make it the correct thickness.  So basically I'm letting you know before I show the pictures, that they are not great yet :)

Here are the 2 I made.
I plan to work more on them later this week, but today we are dealing with Jeep issues...I hate cars and problems...especially when I always drive vehicles that are fairly new (this 1 is 4 years old) so I don't have to deal with this kinda stuff..and here I am dealing with it :(

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