Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 38: Not a dang MINI thing has happened

Well if you read my post on "day 37" you may be wondering 'what the heck happened and where did she go'?  Well I've been over the top busy, and nothing I've been busy with could possibly be considered 'mini'.  Infact rereading my day 37 reminded me of how crazy the past 4 1/2 weeks have been.  So last time I updated, Casey (my husband) had his 2nd interview, well he got the job!  And long story short, he left for Malaysia on Nov 11!  His new job is in Malaysia!  So every waking moment since Nov 1 I've been crazy with selling (all our furniture, a motorcycle, our Jeep, etc), packing everything (including my studio), and in the midst I entertained my 4 kids coming to visit for 5 days and a few friends that came into town for my 40th birthday, and traveled for work for 11 days.  I'll be honest, I'm not sure how everything got done...probably cause I didn't sleep for 2 weeks..but it all got done!  Needless to say, my mini hobby is temporarily on hold (except for reading and researching, which kinda makes things worse) while it's all being shipped to Malaysia, which is expected to take 6-8 weeks.  So while I have no real 'mini' updates, now ya know what I've been up to :)