Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 10..Holy Hanna, we FINISHED something

I'm in shock right now, so it this trails off too know where, send help!  So last I left you, we were taking our Jeep in for diagnosis....and in the past 27 hours life hasn't been so great. The transmission went out about mile before the place, good timing I guess as we literally coasted into the shop.  But...a transmission isn't cheap!  so we've been very stressed out about it. 
In the midst of the stress, we FINISHED..that's right...we FINISHED something.  We finished roofing George and Annabelle's house.  Here are some pics....

As you can tell, we used real shingles that we cut to size.  We kept some flaws and some tar on them...cause frankly, the roof is suppose to be showing signs of age, and some repairs along the way.

So wanna hear a funny story about how cute my husband is?  Ok good!  So last evening we are watching the past weeks episodes of Parenthood when all of a sudden he goes "The baby's name is Norah".  I was like, ''.  He continues, "George and Annabelle, you couldn't remember what they were going to name their baby girl, it's Norah!"  How cute is that? 
Well, that's all I have for today, honestly this whole Jeep repair thing has been stressful and now I need to jump on the red eye tonight to go to Minneapolis because we're redoing the loan on our Jeep (thanks to these spendy repairs) and we bank in Minnesota, and the State of MN won't allow a copy of a signature to transfer the title, and my title is still a MN title.  Soo...I shall see you tomorrow, but maybe I shall be posting from the tundra

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