Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 109: Since we last chatted, a lot of BIG things have happened

It's seems like forever since I've updated, 
but really it's only been about 3 1/2 months.

So...what's new your wondering?
Well let's see, my husband had his work contract cancelled, 
we found him a new job, we spent roughly 6 weeks 'homeless', 
living out of suitcases (again) while we searched for a new 
home in New York (Wappingers Falls area),  I traveled 
back to Malaysia to meet our movers,  I personally packed my studio and 
all my completed projects, and currently it is all
in a container somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean between Malaysia and New York
(hopefully safely!)  We still won't receive our items for another
2-3 weeks or so,  but we have moved into a beautiful new 
condo and I have enjoyed furnishing it and creating a few studio area to 
work in (pictures of that to come :)  

What else????  
O'ya, we had another Grandbaby on July 1, a girl this time (YEAH!) 
and my son that is engaged bought a I guess even if it wasn't for my studio
being packed and on the move, not too much Mini'ing may have happened over the summer
anyway, but who knows,  Life is always busy, and yet I do find time for my hobby.

If you are reading this, your probably more interested in my miniature life, since that's what brought you here to begin with, so with that being said, here is something fun I would like to share.  I was surprised to find Sophie's Books & Coffee in the September issue of The Dolls' House Magazine.  I've included the article below since I know many in the U.S. don't get the magazine.  Hope you enjoy reading it, and maybe, just maybe you will see what a great magazine it is, and consider subscribing.  I personally love the mag, so I'd love to see it have a bigger presence in the U.S.  If you have a iPad or tablet you can get it delivered right to your newsstand, which is what I matter where I go, I have hundreds of magazines with me, and combined they all way less than a pound :) 
(Plug for The Dolls' House Magazine complete :) 

Along with my new studio space, I've recently placed a large order with Petite Properties, which I'm hoping arrives quick as I have very little to work on right stayed turned hopefully soon for pictures of the studio and hopefully a review of Petite Properties new line of paints and a few new 1:48 scale projects that I'm going to attempt....I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to do 1:48 anymore, but I lied!