Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 11....Leap'n lizards am I exhausted!

Thanks to my inability to sleep, even though I knew I was getting on a red eye to fly to Minnesota...just to sign one flip'n piece of paper, because the signature had to be "original" not emailed or faxed....thanks MN DMV for your inability to move ahead with the technological achievements that have been made in our world...only to get back on a plane and fly home a few hours later, I wasn't able to nap last night. Wow, I'm so tired, I don't even know if that run on sentence made sense, hopefully you followed. Anyway, here I am sitting on a plane back to Vegas, I've had an hour and a half nap in the past 31 hours, and thanks to my husbands prompting, I'm still considering (yes at this point it's more 'considering') getting up tomorrow morning and flying to San Jose for the miniature show. I really really want to go, it's only an hourish flight, the show is close to the airport and I've been craving a miniature show for a year and it never seems to work out either date or location wise, and this one does. It sounds like I may be trying to talk myself into it. On the flip side, with the transmission repairs on the Jeep being done, I really shouldn't be going and spending money, and I think we're all adults enough to be honest, if ya go to a miniature show, your gonna buy something....and have ya heard, I ordered the "make it yours" contest kit and the "Lisa's country cottage"kit that was like 75% off this week....along with the mini plates that finally came so now I can clay away...and I've been blowing up my printer with prints, so I'm out of ink already again. Wow' I'm a serious financial drain on my is he amazing and do I thank God daily for him....and not just cause he lets me spend money on my hobby, cause he's really just an amazing guy all the way around...and he's super cute and young! I should post some pics of him :)

But I didn't start out to write about this 'potential' show or my cute young husband, I started out to tell you what a complete moron I am. Well maybe moron isn't the correct word. What's the word for someone who in the midst of a Minnesota (Brainerd to be exact, which if you know where that is...I'm sorry) winter, on a whim, takes back up an old hobby (miniatures) by pulling a crappy kit out of the garage one night (which was purchased from the Goodwill a few years prior) and with not much pre-thought or planning, just puts it together one night? I'll tell ya what kind of moron, this kind! (Picture me pointing to myself) SO, now here I am a year and a half later with this house that actually is close to completion on the outside (I still have to figure out some landscaping, and to solve my conundrum from the other day....nothing worked to my satisfaction, so under the picnic table and grill stays grass)...where was I, O' ya, last night when I was suppose to 'napping' before heading to the airport at 11pm, which you all know me a bit by now, my normal "go to sleep" time is between 2-4:30am, so a nap before 11pm is just plain ridiculous, it would be like trying to get a toddler to nap after feeding them least I think crack makes ya hyper, I could be way off on my analogy, cause I'll be honest, I have no reference point for crack, never done it, never will! It is one of my favorite phrases though to say "are you on crack?" Or as I say when I go to Isla "Fumes Crack?" Which I've been told doesn't really make sense in Mexican, but I always get funny laughs when teasing and flirting when I'm there, so I stick with what works for me), wow...way off on that digression, anyway, I ended up sitting down to my house, well not my house, George and Annabelle (and maybe soon Norah's house) and decided to attempt to start to figure out how to finish the walls INSIDE the house, that's right, I'm so new to all this and my planning was so poor that I'm now trying to figure out what to do with the inside walls, which is difficult, because this house has soo many frick'n hidden spaces, etc, most of which I did remove, or I guess 'fill in' is better phrasing. I learned a lot about "bashing" with this kit :). Anyway (that appears to be my favorite word when blogging) I had the whole reach in, bend the wrist, peer in through the window as to attempt to see what I was actually hitting with the paint brush, thing goin on. And I must say, I'm very grateful that its an old house that's been updated look I'm going for, cause its gonna be achieved.

On my next projects, I'm going to do WAY more preplanning! I'm also looking for advice, I did put it out there for some feedback on one of my online groups about how others start projects, and I learned a lot from the responses. I really wish I had a mentor or more direction, so feel free to leave comments with your advice, it's greatly accepted and absorbed.

Here's a question kinda on topic and kinda off, that I would love some help with, does or has anyone else had an issue getting past (or over) the need to make their house or room boxes "reality function-able"? By that I mean this, I look at say the kitchen, and I attempt to plan it out, and I get myself "stuck" because I think, "O' that's not enough counter space for cooking" "O, If I put the kitchen table there, there wouldn't be nearly enough room to walk around" "O, I have to have all the appliances to make it real" "O' I can't block that walk-pattern through the room", I say "O" a lot. Does anyone else understand what I'm saying? How do I "get over it"? Or can I? Does it really NEED to be realistic or can I just fake some of it? ....well that's funny, I just used lots of O's and then asked about faking it....that's funny when your as tired as I am....or maybe my husbands immature sense of humor has finally invaded my brain to the point where I'm making cheap jokes to myself, and laughing at them.

On that note, I'm gonna consider going to bed early tonight, and maybe see about catching that flight tomorrow to the show...if I'm feeling up to it and if my eyes aren't burning when I wake up like they are right now, I guess you'll have to toon in again soon to see if I went :). O and don't forget your comments on my "reality function-able" brain block.

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