Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 108: 1:144 Street of Shoppes

I finished this 1:144 scale street of shoppes recently, 
and thought I would share it with you.

Again the learning process continues.....
it seems every project I do I learn something new, 
sometimes it's the things I love and sometimes it's the things I hate.
This project very much included both!

Apparently I forgot to take a close up of the outside of Chez Georges, 
so you'll just have to settle for the interior shot below.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 107: 1:144 Bathroom

I finished this 1:144 scale bathroom last week, 
it kinda has a retro feel to it. 

I chose not to finish (paint, stain, etc)
the outside of the box, I think it looks great just the way it is.

Or course as I do with every project, I made a few mistakes,
the biggest 1 was attaching the ceiling and forgetting to put the clear
front on, so it's not exactly and 'permanent' as I would have liked it

Live and learn and start another project to mess something up on :) 

The fun really never ends!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 106: My first quarter scale house

I thought I would try my hand at a 1:48 scale house, 
space in our little condo is getting a bit tight, 
so I thought maybe this was the answer until we have more space.
So far, what I've learned, and hopefully this isn't taboo to say, 
but I'm not a huge fan of quarter scale.
I'm not 100% sure why, I like the look of my project, and I 
like how it's turned out, I just don't feel as passionate about it 
as I do my 1:12 projects.

BUT, I set out to do this project, so finish it I will....
Spoiler alert's not 100% complete yet, 
I still need to landscape and do some exterior details
however I don't currently have the supplies to do
what I want, so for now, this is where it sits....wanna see?

Look below :) 

Here is the outside, close to complete....
I thought it was complete, then I saw the pictures and 
decided flower boxes are needed, at least on the 2nd floor window.

I decided to do the short roof in a copper, just for something different.

This kit is from Petite Properties, 
(it's actually a corner shop kit, but I like it as a house) 
however I've modified it a little.
The kit comes with a complete back wall and a removable front, 
I recut the back with the cutouts and made the front permanent.
I like what I consider a "traditional" back open dollhouse.

I finished the openings in back rough, meaning I painted them,
 but in a sort of 'unfinished' way, 
I felt this way fit the style of the home, it's obviously an old house,
therefore it wouldn't be perfect.

Curious about some details?????

Above is the 2nd floor bedroom

Below are close-ups of the pieces that I made 
(via kits, most again from Petite Properties)
for the bedrooms

Majority of the furniture was made using kits from Petite Properties also, 
then I added the accessories I liked best. 
Most of the pieces I did not paint, I personally like the
look of the unfinished edges and the 'burnt' of the laser cutter on the

The bench was from a Robin Betterly kit, I personally was not impressed with it
up close, the legs are bend in a bit, probably operator errors :)

And the "put-together" bedroom....

Below are some of the details of the living room on the main floor

The fainting couch above was 3D printed, 
I purchased it at the Bishop International shop in Chicago
I love how easy it painted.

If I were to redo the bookcase above, I would do a better job with the books

The main floor includes a kitchen and living room, 
with kind of an in-between dining area

The kitchen is difficult to photograph, there isn't much room to get the camera in.
Since this is about as messy as I let my real life kitchen get, this is
as 'accessorized' as I see this kitchen getting.

Hope you enjoyed my first quarter scale house, 
the interior is complete in my eyes, now it
just needs landscaping....
hopefully in the next few weeks