Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 18: It's beginning to smell a lot like Thanksgiving

It's ironic, not only have I been working on Thanksgiving projects for 2 days, I went shopping today...that's something I usually do around Thanksgiving, but NO Christmas presents were purchased today (a few little birthday presents were bought for my Grandson though...he'll be 2 in 10 days..WOW!) I did however buy a few things for my I guess it was kinda like Christmas for me :) Since I've read soo much about these little bottles everyone keeps talking about at the dollar store, I decided to check it out...ya know what....they are AWESOME! A) in them are no hole beads, and I've been looking for red everywhere and 2) the others have tiny little shaped in them that look like candy. Seriuosly, I'm in love! I bought 4 packages, I may have to go back just in case they run out and don't get anymore in.
I went to Hobby Lobby to get more 'pie tins', well actually they are bottle cap bezels, but they are amazing for pie tins, and the best part, normally they are 6 for $1.99, today I got them for 50% off. The line they are from is called The Jewelry Shoppe Findings, and in that line are some great little crimps that I think will be perfect for hardware on some purses I want to make, and they have these tiny little bottles in different shapes (I bought item #700831, Short, Round Glass Bottle, if you wanna check it out, the pic doesn't really show them well..if I get less lazy sometime I will photograph outside the package).

Last night and today was my first attempt at Pies and Cranberry sauce.  I think the coloring on the 1st pie is to brown, so I made the next more reddish...But once again I'm too lazy to take another picture.
I'm not super impressed with the cranberry sauce.  I ended up making 3 to try different finishes on, and I'm still not super happy.  The 1st I used Sculpey Glaze, the 2nd I made a lot more translucent and used Berry Red Glass paint on, and the 3rd I finished with a clear glass paint over.  I think I'll wait to take a peak tomorrow with fresh eyes and perspective :)
Also today when I was out shopping I got some supplies to make a pergola and the wood to start the patio for the contest I just have to learn how to build a pergola...I guess that will be a good thing to research tonight while I'm playing poker...cause I need to go play tonight...I haven't played since Monday and ya can't make money to pay for all this fun if you don't go to work :)

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