Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 28: Frustrated, Chaotic, & Unmotivated

Name 3 words that describe me today....Frustrated, Chaotic, & Unmotivated! After being gone for 3 days and wishing I was home to work on things, I would have thought today would have been awesome and productive, instead it was semi-productive and frustrating.  I attempted to figure out how to do the inside layout of my project, which made me more frustrated than anything.  I did figure out that my dormers won't work, so I will be going with some skylights to lighten up the inside. 
I managed to get the base coat of paint on all the pieces and most of the trim painted...I really like the black and burgundy colors I chose...hopefully the exterior work compliments it..when I get motivated (and the nerve) to tackle it.

Over the weekend I did a lot of thinking about George & Annabelle's exterior, I decided they need some meters and a hose, etc.  I picked up the hose reel at Little Enchantments when I was in Minneapolis this weekend (And a few other misc outside things) but decided to make my own hose, I didn't like the one they had, it had gold ends on it, and I want metal (which I think I can make out of clay) besides, they were asking $4.50 for the hose...I got wire at Lowe's today for .60 and I have the clay, so my thriftiness kinda won out :)

I'm also feeling kinda chaotic in the head.  I think I have too many projects going or on my mind.  Usually I do better when this is the case...and I've been really productive lately...maybe it's hormones, I did have my 1st hot flash Saturday morning in like 12 years (and that was the only one I've ever had)....being a women isn't always easy...and neither is growing older :)

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