Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 19: I can't stop...but I don't think I want to!

Woke up today about 11:15,  I know that sounds late, but since I didn't get home last night (or this morning I guess) until almost 4am...11:15 isn't that bad.  I had a good run at the poker table last night...I have the best job!  I decided last night to upgrade my art program software, it could mean a little extra work redoing a few things, but everything going forward will be in the new program and hopefully my days of NOT RESPONDING are over!  It does however mean learning a new program, which I'm not super happy about, but I think it will be worth it.  So anyway, I bounced out of bed this morning, jumped online and purchased it.  While it was downloading, which seemed to take forever, I decided to work on George and Annabelle's yard....specifically the tree in their front yard.  However when I went in the hobby room, there sat the apple pies I baked last I glazed them.

I changed the shading after the first, and I like the results much is also 2 cranberry sauces, still not sure how I feel about them.

Back to landscaping...after much thought, I thought it best to attach the grass to the board before adding the tree, and since the tree still needs leaves, I thought...good timing to attach the grass, it will have time to set. I then drilled a hole through the board for the tree.  I decided against permanently attaching the tree to the board, as unless it HAS TO BE, I'd prefer it be easy to pack for when we move again.

I then got busy on finishing the tree, I have never used any model tree scenic products before, so this was all new to me. It was SO easy though! Just in case your curious, or considering making a tree, here is what I did....first you take Hob-e-tac and brush it on the branches, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then take the clump foliage (I de-clumped most of it) and for lack of a better word, smash it on the tacky (and when I say tacky, I mean TACKY! my fingers were almost stuck together when I was done...I work messy :) branches.

Here are a few pics, of the tree complete. I can't seem to get a decent picture that does it justice. 
I then attached the fence to the 1 side, and reset the picnic table :)
During all the waiting and drying process's of all this, I also cut 24 pieces for some pictures I need to mount, I did some touch ups on the bathroom door, along with some other misc things. 
Next thing I know, it's 8pm and I've been thinking about making dinner for like 2 hours, now I'm over hungry and I have a headache from not eating for hours and then what happens....Inspiration strikes!   I had taken some left over wire and foliage and made a shrub for under the front window, but it wasn't great, so what idea pops into my head, a flower box!  So what do I it!
Sorry, the glue is still wet in this pic...I wanted to get to the dinner portion of the evening :)
Well I know there is more that I worked on, but I'm going to try taking just a little break, have a glass of wine and relax..which really means have a glass of wine, surf the Internet for ideas and scope eBay for stuff I need (hahahaha I just said "I need" :)
O' before I go, thought I'd share a picture of my Grandson that my daughter sent me tonight.
My husband refuses to go by Grandpa, as he's young and well....ya know :)  Anyway, Colton (our grandson) calls him The Captain (my husband is a Captain (pilot)). 
I think it's just plain 'ol funny...
we are Grammie and The Captain. 

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