Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 20: For a non-finisher...I sure have been finishing a lot of projects

I admit, I am a self-proclaimed non-finisher...and non-habitual forming person...and yet lately, I have been on a roll of finishing projects.  The way I see it, take for example George and Annabelle's house, when it comes down to it, it's really a serious of small (med & lg  :) projects, and due to season changing, etc, it's a project that will probably never be 'complete'.  With all that said, I've had all kinds of inspiration and ambition with their house lately. 
When it comes to forming habits...I stink at habits!  They say you need to do something for something like 21 or 28 days or something in order for it to become a habit...I usually make it half of that, and yet here it is the 14th of October, I set a goal to blog ever day of October, National Miniature Month, and thus far, I've blogged everyday.  Remarkably, I've actually remembered everyday also, but don't worry, the daily reminder is on my calendar just in case :)
Remember the flower box I built last night?  I painted it today...

I did a distressed finish on it, keeping with Annabelle's style :)
I still have to fill it with flowers.
Among some misc projects today...along with waiting for AAA to come jump my Jeep...remember the transmission rebuild last week? well today it required a new battery....I admit, I teared up in the garage when the AAA guy told me, I just can't believe how much money we have
put into a vehicle with 54,000 miles on it....
are they now making automobiles like washing machines....
disposable after 4 years?
Sorry for the rant, well the bulk of my day was spent on the baby's room
(Norah should be joining George & Annabelle's family sometime soon :).
Let me give you some background, other than the bathroom, which I finished ( read that correctly...finished!) over a year ago, the baby's room is the only room I've done anything with...and what I had done before, I'm super unhappy I did, and how I did it.  HOWEVER, the crappiness of whats been done and the way it's not holding up so great, does fit with the theme of George & Annabelle's house...a super old house that's being remodeled by George & Annabelle.
Here is basically where I was at the beginning of the day today
Yesterday I laid the old wood flooring...this is the only room in the house where the wood floors could be salvaged, there is some wear on them, and a few have warped,
but they have been white washed for an update.
I added the trim, and them put the stuff in the room
*note, I'm missing the trim around the door ways, as I don't have it on hand...and
Hobby Lobby is closed Sunday, so I couldn't even go see if they have what
I want for it...even when I could get my Jeep started :)
Well I can't explain why my computer sucks as bad as it does...but it does!  So now all of a sudden, the pictures won't stay turn correct again...Sorry.
Anyway, I made this Shabby Chic tiny table and the lamp.  I added a little fabric to match the window seat cushion.

Obviously this is the window seat and cushion. 
The pillow and teddy were items from a swap I received.

I also made this Shabby Chic table, the clock, lamp and toys. 
The Kleenex and rose picture over the crib were 2 more swap items I received.

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