Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 17: Something Old Something New

Woke up today to rain...I love waking up to rain when I can stay in bed and just listen to it rain for a little while.  Something rare happened this morning though, my husband (who usually wakes up a few hours after me when he's home...and never stays in bed after he wakes up) woke up about the same time as me, and he just stayed put....what a wonderful gift!
My day was spent working on a ongoing project (something old) and a few new little projects for some swaps.  One of the themes of the swaps is Thanksgiving dinner table.  I did some inspiration searching last evening, and came up with LOTS of ideas, it most never happens that I get just one idea for a project, man would that be nice....and a time saver!  Anyway, some of the brainstorm and investigating ideas were....The turkey, cranberry sauce out of the can, a table runner, a fabric basket, candles wrapped in the letters for Thanksgiving, activity books for the kids, wire wrapped candle center piece, the little place cards for the food, a recipe box with recipes in it, and I think that was the majority.  O' pie and or dessert :)  So as you can see, too many ideas! 

While out shopping a few weeks ago (I think at a dollar store) I got this canvas you can put through your printer, that I haven't even tried to use yet.  Well I got thinking about these little fabric baskets, and I thought...Hey, maybe that canvas would be the ticket to making those.  So I found some fabric samples I liked, I put them into my art program, printed the canvas back and front, square punched it, folded it like the tutorial said, and added some ribbon for a little handle.  I think they turned out adorable!  I'm now very inspired to see what else I can do with this canvas.
 The reddish one is an unfinished one upside down.
It's hard to make out the pattern on the inside, but it's a fall pattern with pumpkins
Another project that benefited from the canvas today is some Fall wall art.  I started making wall art a few weeks ago, and today I spent some time making some changes to how I make them. 
They are much nicer now :)
I finished my day cutting and folding books while watching a movie this evening with my husband (he's finally at peace with the fact that I can't just sit and watch TV, I need to be doing something else at the same time....there it is... my "something old" never ending book obsession.

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