Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 4: Good thing Blog days are different than real days :)

Can you believe there were something like36 'real life' days between blog day 3 and blog day 4?  That's just crazy.  I guess you could say I've been busy, but not necessarily with hobby stuff...Although I've done a few things.  To catch you up on my house without a name are some photos:

and the outside is looking awesome (in my bias opinion).  I love the stone work, and although that part was a little bit on the expensive side, I think it was well worth it, and it was super easy and fun to do.  I did balance out the exterior costs my bricking my fireplace on an extreme budget...I used scrapbook paper :)
The front is still 'missing' something, so I've been experimenting with an awning over the big picture window...Although I'm not altogether sold on it yet.  Also, I hesitated on buying a mail box that I fell in love with, when I bought the stones, and then went back to get it (after I did the stones) and it would have been perfect to the right of the door, but I guess it will have to wait till the next house to find a home.  O and after I got the stone patio done, I was looking for a little bistro style table and chairs for the front, but instead found this crazy cool bench....but I'm too lazy now to go take a picture of it, so you'll have to wait to see it.

On the inside, some progress has been made also, I installed a bathroom where there was none....

It's almost done....I added a little rug on the floor and I painted the door. 

The nursery has also made some progress, I found an adorable crib, and I've started wall papering, but then I messed up some and ran out of paper...then I forgot where I bought it, and then out of the blue yesterday, I remembered!  So today I stopped and got it.  But then I got home and started working on some mini projects for a swap I'm doing in September, so those took over my time.  The theme of the swap is "cleaning day" and I'm making laundry baskets that have cleaning supplies in them, pretty cool :)  I'm just praying my skills are up to par with the group that I'm doing the swap with, since this is my first time doing a group swap, I'm seriously nervous and have no idea what to expect.....guess I'll find out.

Well as nice as it is on my front porch, I have the house to myself, so I'm going to take advantage of it by working on some more projects....who knows, I may even finish papering the nursery :)