Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 56: Sharing some snaps of things I've been working on

Well it's been an interesting few weeks since I last updated, and one of the reasons for not updating was my broken camera, which after yelling, kicking, screaming, biting (ok, there wasn't any biting) I have back and fixed.  Also, I have not been in a good mini way lately.  Mentally, I just haven't been engaged.  I hate to say this (and please don't tell my husband...thankfully he claims he reads my blog occasionally, but I know better...I don't think he even remembers the name of it :) but I don't have enough going on in life to motivate me!  I was soo excited for this 'retirement' of sorts.  I had grand visions of traveling, seeing the world, and when I wasn't, always being 'high' on mini projects.  The reality is, yes we are doing some traveling (probably more than the average person) but as to where we are going every 8 weeks, I want to go every 2 to 3 weeks (I'm so greedy!) and as to yes, I've done a lot of mini projects this year, I have millions more I can do, but I'm just not motivated, like I was when  I was doing Sophie's.  I don't know if it's a lack of having a "deadline" or if its just the flame isn't burning as wildly for any other project or what.   Well now that I have gotten through the mini therapy session, let me say thanks for listening, I know what your thinking, 'buck up, your life is way better than many, you are healthy, fairly young and you really have nothing to complain get busy'...well that is what you should be saying!  

So with no further ado, let me share with you some things I have done over the past month
1 super late night I decided to bring out the clay and try my 1st attempt at peppers.  
They aren't great, I'm not super in love with the them, but for a 1st, I guess there ok.

I actually started the peppers because I had taken 1 clay class a few weeks back and 1 of the things we made was an ear of corn, but I wasn't happy with the one I made in class, so I decided to try my 
hand at some corn, (which are above) and since I had yellow out and ready, I decided to try the yellow peppers. 

Here are some snaps from inside the shabby chic cottage I started in June. 
I'm rather found of the apron, as I printed the fabric myself for it (and the rug)

I made or re-worked all the furniture, and the pillows (and the wood crates) 
The crock here (and the ones on the shelves) were 1 of my splurge purchases at the Bishop show in April. They are from Stokesay Ware, I fell in love with them online and although I wanted literally every single one, I settled on these...gotta spread the old budget around ya know :) 

This was my 1st attempt at making some paper flowers.  I think if I had more patience and more practice I could be more happy with them.  Maybe I'll give this another might be a great project while watching movies...I can't just sit and watch, I have to do something also, besides if I wasn't constantly saying, "who's that again" or "what did they say" or "I don't get it" during movies my husband might think something is wrong with me :)

These 2 pics are from a project that has been in the works for about a year now.  I was given the room box (with flooring, wallpaper and trim done) and slowly I've been working on the rest.  I've really only 1 or 2 things left to really feel like it's complete, but 1 of them is a kit for a bench and that's currently sitting at my best friends house in MN, so next trip back to the US I will get it and then maybe, just maybe I will scratch this project off my list :)

and lastly, this is my other new project, it's using the old bus kit from Greenleaf.  I've made some modifications to it.  It's going to be a food truck...eventually!  I'm not exaggerating, I have hours (like probably 20-30) into just prepping and getting the wood to a finish that I find acceptable.  I hereby swear that other the 1 kit I have left in my cupboard left to start, I will never buy another Greenleaf kit or any other tab/slot kit again. I love the people that can work with these kits and make then amazing, I just can't.  For all the hours I spend working on just getting the finish correct, I could have just spent the time creating my own pattern and cutting the darn thing out myself, the way I want it to begin with.  

Well there ya go, if you were interested in what I've been up to :) 

I will take any suggestions on anything, I'm but a student needing some direction :)