Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 32: On the road again

Well again here I sit on an airplane...wishing I was walking into my studio to install the flooring in Sophie's books, Crannies & Coffee...or working on making the coffee espresso machine...or using the grey clay I picked up the other day to make hose connections, a gas meter and electic box for the exterior of George and Annabelle's house....but I'm not, I'm sitting here daydreaming. 

Thanks to the amazing digital times we are in, thankfully I have roughly 80-85 miniature magazines on my iPad, which is awesome...but kinda a tease also, because I can get great ideas and learn lots, but I'm a hands on person, and knowing I'm on the road for the next 4 days and won't be able to actually work on anything is horrible.  Does anyone suffer from hobby cravings that can't be satisfied?  How do you cope?  What do you do to get through?  This must be how addicts feel

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