Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 110: A diversion was needed

So I've been working on a project for roughly 11 months, it's for another contest, which I like because it forces upon me a deadline to finish, and also I kinda like the forced starting point, because quite frankly my list of things I 'could' work on is OUT OF HAND!  

However this project has been kicking my ass!  

You might recall that I started this project while living in Malaysia, which always meant I needed to plan for the right supplies and shop for them while on trips back to the U.S.  At one point I was literally at a holt because I couldn't find white acrylic paint in Malaysia...seriously!  Then we moved back to the U.S., so I hand carried this project in the works back with me, however my studio was in transit for over 8 weeks, and with moving, etc. things took forever to get back to working.  Well now everything should be going smoothly and I should be enjoying finishing this project, and well, everything that could go wrong, just about has!  At about 60% complete I decided to make a fairly large change, which required a few more lights (that are of course discontinued) but I managed to find them thanks to many emails and maybe a stroke of lucky.  Then I realized I purchased 1 more than I needed (apparently I can't count) which ended up working in my favor, as 1 didn't work, of course I realized it after I already painted it.  So I painted the spare and seemed back in business.  Except then I realized that I didn't have enough siding, as I added a whole wall, so I ordered more, waited the 3 days, got it, and it was different.  Tried it anyway, didn't work, pulled it all off and then got about hunting for the right stuff, finally found California thanks to my husband, unfortunately he won't be coming home with it for about 10 days and I have to leave for a work trip in 2.  So that will have to wait.  O' these are just some of the woes of this project...but the final one came yesterday when I went to move the whole thing so I could work on something else (a diversion project) and while moving it, the front door which isn't permanently attached yet fell out and crashed onto the floor into a dozen ya!  

Well in 22 days it will either be done or it won't...
either way, I'm ready!

So a diversion!  That's what I needed!

Here is what I came up with

In just a few short hours, this 1:144 scale project was complete!
I guess that's one of the things I like about the smaller scale, 
it's a not only a nice diversion, but the completion time
is far shorter....sometimes hours vs. months