Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 31: Martini's slow the progress

Well this week hasn't been as productive as most lately, mainly due to 2 different sets of friends in town and the husband being home for 2 days....which mean lots of fun visiting...and a night that included 2 to 3 too many martini's, which meant a very unproductive following day :)
Just in case who ever is reading this hasn't done a brick job (and remember this is my first attempt), I thought I'd show a picture of how I laid out the project.  I have never done a project where I didn't put it together first, but I had asked some people in one of my online groups how they start/do projects, and got some amazing tips, and the older I get, the more advice I use.  So, I bricked the inside first, as I want the walls to be completely bricked.  I love the outcome, there are many flaws, although most I'm ok with, as it was the look I'm going for.  Some flaws I fixed, and others will be behind things in the finished project, so I just didn't stress about them.  Overall though, I love things soo far.

I then moved on to the outside.  I'm attempting to do the 'patches of bricks' look, with stucco.  So I did large spots of bricks and I'm going to stucco after the project is put together, cause I know how to do that already :)

Now that I'm getting closer, I put some thought into flooring, I think this is the look I'm going to do.  It's suppose to be like the trendy re-purposed or refinished painted concrete look.  I imagine this old building would have concrete floors, so having them resurfaced would make sense :)

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