Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 118: 2015 shall be known as the year of completed projects!

I first introduced this project on Day 102 which was 3/25/2014, 
and at that point the entire shell and store fixture's were
done and the electricity was in.  

Prior to that I posted some items that I had already completed that winter/spring
for this project, the vintage LP's, the napkins, some journals
and Sophie's Sweets, so knowing all that was done, 
why did it take me too song to finish this darn project?

Somehow it just always kept getting pushed to the back while
I worked on things I was more interested in at the time.
But now, I'm on a mission, I want to finish as many as the projects I 
have going as possible, before I start another one, so today
I sat down in my studio and didn't let myself quit until it was done!

With no further ado, I give you
Something Old, Something New
Bric a brac for those with discerning taste

See the Journals from early 2014?

A little something for just about any women!

The vintage LP's are kinda hard to spot, but there in a crate
under the bench under the window.

Hope you enjoyed viewing this project, 
I'm not sure how I can be more productive in 2015, 
but at least I'm starting it with ONLY 2 projects already started :)
I never thought I'd get to the point of being down to 2!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Day 117: I accomplished my goal for 2015!!!!!!!!

I set a goal for 2015 and that goal was to finish 
1 project in each of the scales I now work in, 
which are 1:12, 1:24, 1:48 and 1:144
and today I'm proud to say I've accomplished my goal! 

I'd like to share with you my 1st ever project in 1:24 scale.
I must for the sake of credit, tell you I did not paint the outside
of this house.  When I received the house, the siding of the house was painted red
and the 3 main walls were permanently in place, other than those
items, every thing else I did.

I've become a fan of adding outside landscaping
to give my projects more of a "complete"
feel, also, I'm incredibly in love with the
Porsche Cayenne in real life, but could never
fathom the real life price tag, so at least now
my 1:24 scale family can fulfill my Cayenne dream.

I realize this full picture of the interior isn't great, 
but I wanted to show the entire interior
in 1 shot so you get a feel for the layout
of the house.

I absolutely love how the kitchen turned out!
I could live in this kitchen!
I used kits from Petite Properties, which is one
of my favorite companies, I modified the refrigerated
to make it modern and used 4 lower cabinets
to create the huge center island. 
The barstools I purchased off Shapeways, they are 3D printed, 
I've used a few 3D printed items in the past, in 1:48
scale, and was equally as happy with how these
turned out.  I have almost the exact same ones in my real
like kitchen.  They took to being spray painted wonderfully.

The pot rack and overhead lighting (non working)
was created using beads and misc items from 
my stash. 

I ran into some issues wallpapering, being the 
3 main walls were permanently attached prior to 
wallpapering, it created some challenges, but it
did make me appreciate my normal process of finishing
the walls prior to putting walls together, so 
I guess appreciate is worth a few mistakes and imperfections.

I made the sectional couch from scratch, 
another 1st for me.  Again, I learned a few things, 
do we ever do anything without learning a better
way for next time...I hope not!

Working our way up stairs, is this little hallway/landing 
I like it's simplicity

The master bedroom

Again, I used beads to create some table lamps.

I'm incredibly in love with this little nursery.

Half of the attic is just that, an attic.
It is the only room in the house which isn't "Permanent"
as I may continue to add to it.  Since I've just
started in the 1:24 scale, I don't have a lot of "extra"
items to include in an attic, but I'm
guessing that is going to change!

Last, but certainly not least, is the teenage
daughters bedroom.

All in all, I have to say I sorta fell in love with 1:24 scale
thanks to this project and it really surprised me.
I recall almost 30 years ago going into a dollhouse
shop and seeing some items in 1:24 scale and thinking
how wrong they looked, and over the years
I never found it appealing, in fact when I purchased a massive lot
of dollhouse items over a year ago, and in that lot was 
2 houses with just the outsides painted and 1 kit still in the box, 
I had such little interest, that I sold the unopened kit for very little 
money, a decision I now regret.  But moving ahead, I 
have that 2nd house, which I've already repainted the exterior, 
and will be working on the interior in the coming year.

Hope you enjoyed this rather in-depth look into my 
1st 1:24 project and my goal accomplishment for 2015.

Happy New Year Mini-Folks!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Day 116: I've been on a roll finishing projects...pun intended

This RV started out from a kit from Michelle's Miniatures.
I really only made a few modifications, which I'll 
point out under the pictures.  It was a super easy day project.

 The quarter is for size reference only.  This project doesn't really "fit"
a scale, the truck is roughly 1:87 scale, however everything 
inside is 1:144 scale.  It seems to work though, 
I don't think it would fit if you were to park it in front of a 1:144
scale house, but on it's own, it's fine. 
I created my own wall paper, wall art, rugs and fabrics for the bed.

I did not use the kitchen that came with the kit, 
nor did I do the same layout.

And as everyone "get-away" location should have, 
a welcome mat.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day 115: Merry Christmas! and a tiny little gift I gave

A few months ago (May to be exact) my son, 
daughter and her boyfriend came to visit my husband and 
I. During that visit, her boyfriend really enjoyed 
looking at my projects and asked if I'd be able to make
him a microscale barn.  Over the following months, I stumbled upon the 
pigs and cows and decided to make him a entire scene in 1:144 scale.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day 114: I tip my winter cap at those that embrace the cold of winter

Being originally from Minnesota, 
I'm all too familiar with seeing Ice Fishing Housing on the lakes 
in the winters.  So to nod my winter cap at those
who enjoy spending time in a tiny house on a frozen 
lake, I give you this 1:12 scale Ice Fishing House

Minnesota state regulations require every
ice house have the owners name and either phone number
or mailing address be posted on the outside

Wood storage is on the back of the house
(FYI, it nicely disguises the plug in for the lights :)

Drinking beer (usually lots of it) is a regular pass time
of the ice house

Microwave is must!

Interior lights

The rattle reel (Black thing on wall above the hole)
is how you actually fish.  When you get a bite, the rattle, rattles and you 
go to the hole and check it.  The rest of the time, 
you play games and drink.

The interior of the ice house actually gets extremely
warm thanks to a heater.  Most of the time, you will be
sitting around in a T-shirt inside while it's extremely
cold outside. 

A view looking down, a bed is a must, so you can literally
stay in this ice fishing house for days.