Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 111: The old country chapel is DONE!

This project has kicked my tush soo many times, I may be permanently bruised!!!

This project started life as a "garage" kit, that was offered via for their annual Creatin' Contest.  I picked the kit up in MN, as it was shipped to my daughter.  I carried it home to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and started working on it.  My inspiration for an old country church came from my good friend Kara, I'm not sure how it struck, but when I told her my idea, she was soo helpful in research.  Country churches, barns, etc always remind me of Kara.  

The first few months progress was fairly slow, as any supply I decided I needed had to be gathered when I made trips back to the U.S., which happened about every 6 weeks.   Then at the end of July, we learned we were moving back to the U.S., so I carried the 'in progress' project back to the U.S....SO this Old Church has literally been all the way around the world!

Towards the end of October I decided to make a pretty significant change in the project, I originally had 1 side of the building completely open, and there were 3 wall sconces and 2 candles...but I decided I didn't like the direction it was going, and changed it to a completely enclosed building, with a removable roof.  However this meant I needed 3 more lights.  Well I had 1, but luckily I found and ordered 3 more, because during the final week, when it was all coming together, we had soo many issues with the lights, that 2 ended up being replaced.   To say both my husband and I had frustrations during this process, is an understatement!  

But alas....IT'S DONE!!!