Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 7... My conundrum

Crap...Crap...Crap... so I've got a conundrum!  I love that word, it's just so wonderful and long, it just always makes me feel crazier to use it.  So when I started George and Annabelle's house, I did the stone work on the front and then the stone patio, and I used some kind of sealer that 'colored' the stone and mortar, and it was kinda a happy mistake.  WELL, now that I'm landscaping, I found I had just enough stone to do a little stone section for under the picnic table and under the grill, but the sealer I have here isn't right!  So I stopped at the store last night and grabbed what I thought was what I used (there really is only a 50% chance it was correct, cause I use a few products on a reg. basis...anyway) long story's not right.  So, I "grouted" the stones anyway, and I'm going to try another stain over it all when it's set, to see if I can make it close enough.  We'll see. My other option is to do something completely different for these sections, which would kinda fit the whole gist of this project, which is that George and Annabelle bought their 1st house (which is like a hundred years old) and now they are remodeling it, thus the old parts mixed in with the new updates :)

So changing subjects, it is Oct, which is National Miniatures month, so I'm going to take the "Sheila from Key West" challenge, attempt to update everyday for the month.  In the "This will be easy" column, is the new project I'm going to be starting as soon as the kit arrives, it's the 'Make It Yours' contest kit :) and in the "This won't happen" column, is the fact that I'm going to travel at least 8-10 days this month, and once I get on the road..I forget. 

To update on my Sunday night mini accomplishments: I did the computer work and printed off about a dozen cookbooks, they still need to get "filled" but the jackets are done and creased :)

Since I brought up my Living Room- Room box a few days back, I thought I would share those pix, so as progress continues (as a back seat project) you can see.  So this room box came to me almost shell complete, actually for me it was like winning the lottery.  A gal in my miniature club brought it to give away (that's right...give away) and when she walked in with it, I almost went into 4 year old walking into Disney World and seeing Ariel for the first time excitement.  It is soo my decorating style of my house it's sick (like morning sickness sick (not that I ever had it) but ya know, your happy to be sick cause your pregnant and excited, but being sick really does still suck and you just want it to be over) anyway, as my eyes lit up like the lights on Fremont Street, she just plain 'ol said I could HAVE IT!   So I took it!  I did replace the trim on the front and painted the outside of it black (which really makes more sense).

A couple of pix of the room box the way I received it....
Crazy I know, I'm still in awe of this amazing gift.

Here is the new trim

This is my 1st attempt at upholstery.  Since I'm new to making furniture, I use old House of Miniatures kits that sell on e-bay for just a few dollars a piece.  I got super lucky about a year and a half a go and scored a 'lot' of them (like 30 or 40) for like a buck a piece.  I think it's actually cheaper to use the kits and change out the fabrics and finishes for updated styles then to start from scratch. Plus, it's teaching me what each piece should look like and how things fit together.  I've tried a few things completely on my own from scratch and other than 1 wood tray, I'm not good yet!

Well, that's enough for today, I need to get back into my craft room and be productive before I head to Macy's to try and find my college freshman son some clothes to mail him, since his text to me pleading for new clothes is tugging at my heart Macy's is right across from Hobby Lobby :)

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