Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 35: Inspiration strikes...another conundrum created

So we're sitting on a plane, on the runway, in Ottawa, Canada, when inspiration strikes.  I always find it crazy how inspiration strikes at the strangest and craziest of times.  Luckily this time my husband is sitting next to me, as we are just deadheading this flight, due to all of our flight cancellations today.  On the "lucky for us side" we are getting done with work about 4 hours early today, which is usually the hopefully we can find a flight to commute home on...O the trials of a traveling life :)

Back to my when I work flights I'm always scouting for magazines people leave behind, A) because I'm too cheap to pay what they charge for magazines (that aren't miniature/craft/art in genre) because most of the time I'm disappointed by the number of advertisements and the lack of content I take away from it...2) I usually end up reading things I would not have set out to read, thus learning something entirely new or outside my frame and 3), I rarely have a 3, but 3) I admit, I love the gossip mags...but...well....see A.   :)

SO, I ended up with a few magazines this trip, one being some fashion magazine that would never even factor into my life, in fact usually I will just leave these behind for someone else to have and hopefully enjoy (which BTW after I read them, I leave them on the next plane for another to enjoy for free also...although sometimes there is a page or 2 missing, if I need to have something....although what I normally do now is photograph the info (recipes for example) that way I have a digital copy of it which I can slide to my iPad and just pull up as reference when I get home).  Where was I, O the fashion mag, so as we're sitting here this morning I pull the fashion mag out, and about 3/4 of the way through it hits me...
I N S P I R A T I O N!   My husband and I have been daydreaming about this miniature brew pub with brewery for maybe 12-18 months, and all of a sudden it just clicks in to place as to how I want to build it.  Your probably wondering what in a fashion magazine could inspire a brewery?  Well an article was about some modular buildings or something, I didn't read that article, I just looked at the pictures,  and then on the following page was a picture showing a bunch of pallets...and from those pictures (none of which are anything like what we are thinking) BOOM, inspiration!  C R A Z Y !   I bet there's a shrink out there that would love to examine my brain and be fascinated with how crazy it works...I'm not always soo sure it's properly hooked up, but I thank God all the time it works the way it does, cause it sure works for me :)

So now I have yet another conundrum....sit on this inspiration till I finish one of my other 4 projects I have started, or barrel into project #5?  How many projects do most miniaturist/artist have going at anytime?  Is there a normal? I'd like to think its completely normal and further more I'd prefer to believe that it's actually best to have multiple projects going for 2 reasons A) I'm usually most productive when I have to much going on and 2) it seems that I go through inspiration points with projects and so I can just flow from project to project FOR different projects, which always gives me something to work on....and the more I seem to do, the more inspiration seems to be created.  Besides, now that I think about it, I haven't worked on my trunk project for probably close to a year, and honestly, there's very little left on it I want to do, but the few things that are left...I just haven't had a desire to do.  Wierd. 

So as I'm writing this, I'm looking up and spouting random thoughts to my husband, and then he just looks at me and saids "Your really excited about this aren't you?"  I respond "ya...but why do you say that" and he saids "cause it's just funny how all of a sudden you just get in this great mood and you get soo excited".  That about sums up miniatures for me.....they put me in a great mood and they make me excited!

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