Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 39...I'm Back in the Mini Saddle Again!

Well it's been a REALLY long time, but finally I've got stuff to update! 
To give you a bit of back ground on what kind of adventure my miniature hobby has been on the past few months, it was suppose to take 6-8 weeks for our stuff to get moved from Las Vegas to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  It left our condo in Vegas Nov 30th, they updated us in early Jan to say it would be hitting the port in Malaysia Jan 18th, but on Jan 18th we found out that it had never left LA port (so there "update" was a complete one from the moving company ever bothered to track our stuff).  Anyway, it got flagged at U.S. Customs and without the moving company taking care of the situation, it just sat there until they figured it out.   So it left LA sometime after that and arrived in Malaysia on Feb 20th, and thanks to lots of pushing we got it the 22nd!  That was such a fun day/ weekend, unpacking our stuff and setting up my studio was better than Christmas as a kid.  

 This is my new studio, the pictures aren't great, but it's a fairly small space, so difficult to photograph, it works just great though :)

It didn't take me long to get motivated to work on my project I was in the midst of when it all had to get packed away, although lack of proper packing by the movers (I will never let another "professional" packer touch any of my stuff ever again...luckily I had packed all my miniature furniture, etc) anyway a few things needed to get "fixed" as sitting in extremely hot temperatures for 3 months had a little effect.  (Also they never bothered to take the ink out of my printer when they packed would assume they would know to do that if they were truly "professionals") anyway getting my amazing printer back to printing perfect quality again was a huge project in itself.

Anyway, enough on my rant...getting to Sophie's Books & Coffee :). I did manage to make a bunch of books over the past few months, as I had printed them prior to the move and brought them as a small project (in retrospect I could have printed hundreds of pages of books, instead of a couple dozen :). 

So here is the some progress....not in any particular order as I'll be honest, I'm not sure what I've done when over the past couple weeks, it's just been fun finally working on something.

Here I was working on the main floor layout

Doing the lofts railing was quite interesting, I've never done a railing before, and I'll be honest, I'll be purchasing one of those fancy railing glueing jig things before I do it again.

 I painted and distressed the small center display

This must be another picture I took when I was working on the layout.

This is the left inside wall, the shelves are all complete and awaiting books.

The right inside wall is almost complete, shelves are complete and pictures for sale are on display

This was the 1st picture I took when the shelves were done.

I'm hoping in the next week to have the entire inside walls complete so I can finally put the building together and start working on the outside. I'm also hoping to get back in the blogging habit, so my blog days aren't 2 months long :)