Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 30: A full mini month

If the average month has 30 days in it, well then I have made it a month in blogs....luckily in my world, a day is not always measured by hours or tracked by a normal calendar :)

To give you a little sneak peak at my 1st attempt at masonry work....

I am going for a old brick building look, this was Pre-sanding, dry brush painting and some touch- ups.  I'm super excited about my 1st results though, I will definitely use this technique again, hopefully more practice makes better :

Soo strange, I posted from my ipad last night and the picture didn't come through..yet today I went on the ipad to the blog and it was there..come to my computer, it's not.  very very wierd..hopefully it "sticks" now :)


  1. Your images are not coming through. I WANNA SEE!!! :-(

  2. THANK YOU for telling me, I had no idea.... Dang Ipad :)