Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 14: Growing a tree

Well after all my crud happening last night with my computer program, I decided to just call it a night and watch some TV...and of course surf the Internet for who knows what, along with catch up on reading some others blog reading.  Then next thing ya know, inspiration finally struck for my tree I've been dreaming of for the front of George and Annabelle's house (I've been searching for a tree everywhere, and haven't found one I loved...and that was big enough), and so a week or 2 ago I picked up some craft wire/wires and some brown floral tape, and last night it hit me how to create the tree.  Now this may be super basic for others, but for me, who's never been "floral" and has no "green" thumbs, after I started on this.. I was proud. 
Here's how I started the tree, I took 35 straight wires, wrapped them together and then starting at the base, I started wrapping the whole bundle with brown floral tape and then started 'branching' out and adding in smaller branches along the way.
The more I add, the more full the tree gets and the more personality it continues to get.  I worked on it for about 2.5 to 3 hours and then called this project a night.
I know it doesn't look like much, but in person it is crazy cool. 
I'm going to be kinda "stuck" once the tree and branches are done though, as I have no idea how to do leaves and advice is very welcome :) 
If you don't feel comfortable commenting advice here, please feel free to send it (or any comment, feedback or advice on any projects) to my email address
As I've mentioned multiple times, I'm very new to all this, I want to be successful with my projects and I welcome advice :)
BTW...I can't believe I've hit everyday this month for updating..I'm not a habit person, so this is an accomplishment for me...I hope I can make my goal for Oct :)

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