Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 23: Designing a sign

Well Casey (the husband :) was home today, so I didn't spend much time working on mini stuff.  I have been working/searching/brainstorming on a sign for my new project.  I would love to hear how people design signs for their projects that are shops.  I'm really quite frustrated with this part.  I google searched images of all kinds of different signs, store fronts,etc to get ideas.  I have a few in my head now, then I get into my art program on my computer and nothing seems to work out or make since.  I'm actually thinking of asking my daughters cousin (who's a college grad graphic designer without a job) if she wants to help me.  I'm not great at asking for help though (I'm getting really good at asking for advice though :)  I will see her at my Grandsons birthday day Sunday, so we'll see.

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