Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 24: Primed and Scanned and Signed

Today's title pretty much sums up my days accomplishments....well I guess I would need to add "got caught up on some much needed sleep by forcing myself back to sleep MULTIPLE times between 3 and 11:30am", but other than that :)  Before I went to sleep last night I did a test 'bricking" on a scrap of wood, I've never done real bricks (well by real I mean the kind ya use the stencil to make and they have dimension..I've only ever done stucco and paper brick).  Woke up and loved both samples, now I need to sample some colors..yeah...things are progressing.
With this progression, I figured it time to do some prep work on the wood, so I got it all primed!
Over the past few days I've spent WAY TOO MANY hours working on the sign and name for my project, and something just hit me late last night (or early this morning...who knows).  I was close all this time on the name....but now I've got it!  and regarding the sign, well I guess looking back now, I was never close on that.  SOO...Long story short, the name of my shop is:
Sophie's Books, Crannies and Coffee
For those that don't know...not sure why you would, Sophie is my middle name, and about half my friends call me Sophie (it's actually what I prefer :)
and since I'm spilling the beans today, I may as well show you the 1st mock up for the store front sign
It's a long ways from great, but I'm on the right track finally :)
Also today I finally crossed 'Scan in all the frick'n boxes I've been saving, taking apart and flattening so I can make printies from them'.  Wow was that way more work than I really wanted to do today....and I haven't even cropped the pix, scaled them or put them in the art program yet.  Why do I get myself into these projects?  I swear I have soo many things going right now that if I had 5 of me, we couldn't get everything done that I'd wanna get done if we worked full time for 3 months.  O' well I guess it keeps the phrase "I'm bored" out of my life :)
Before I leave for the day, I'm going to confess, tomorrow may be the 1st day this month I don't get a blog in.  I'm meeting Macy (my baby :)  (she's 17 and a senior in high school) in L.A. to look at a college, which means an early morning flt and then I'm thinking we are going to just fly to Minnesota from there, as I need to be there Sunday for my Grandsons 2nd birthday'wait, I almost forgot, the cool thing is, while in LA tomorrow, I'm hoping to hit up some mini shops :)

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