Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 27: The look of crazy I sometimes get from people

I'm not home, and I haven't worked on anything in 2 to 3 days now (as I haven't been home) and I'm starting to go through withdrawal. 

I'm thinking about the college visit my daughter and I did Friday in L.A.  We toured FIDM, which is the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising,  I loved it soo much there that I actually text my husband and asked if we could move to L.A. so I could go there (it's not too late to go back to college is it?). It was kinda funny,  anyway, so we get started on the tour, we get to the2nd floor and the elevator opens and there is a display case of small chairs.  I pop out to check it out (my eyes probably popping out of my head) and immediately say to the tour guide "these must be 1/24" scale?"  And she looks at me and saids "ha?" with this look on her face that's perplexed, and kinda seems to ask "are you crazy lady?" I seem to get this look often...I consider it an honor now, like I'm forcing people to actually turn on their brains and use them.   Well of course I'm thinking, the college had a large display downstairs where they had done Barbie and lots of designing goes into Barbie, and i think Barbie is 1/24" scale, so of course it's 1/24" scale.  Well she just had no idea, so I just let it go...she did know that the chairs were purchasable for $150 each....they were cool, but not my scale, or I would have considered :)  

During the tour, we saw these amazing class rooms with huge work tables and the best sewing machines, and then they had sample rooms where there was nothing but fabrics and notions, and the library was amazing.  Everything was amazing!   I wanted to just make something while I was there...and learn more stuff to of course :).  

After the tour we checked out the "book store" which was really more like art store and sweatshirts.  I got a new clear ruler with the grid on it, I lost mine last week, except my old one was only 6" and this one is 12"...I wanted the 24" one, but I was nervous if it would fit in my suitcase.  Then we went into this store they have that's samples and misc clothes I'm guessing students have made and accessories that are junky,etc.  we found miniature doll forms that you can design on, so the little girl in my daughter and I came out, and we each got one.  Then I noticed a fabric room, it was small, but hanging in there were sample cards, and long story short, I grabbed I think 10 or 11 (with 3-5 fabric pieces per card) that were all small print, light weight fabrics (they were a whopping .33 cents each!)  I can't wait to add them to my stash of fabric.  The coolest part of this hobby sometimes is the "finds" and the fact that small stuff requires small amounts, which makes keeping things organized, easy and fun for me....I think we've already discussed my organizing tendencies.  

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