Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 21....I played "mini" hooky today

How many things in life have I done without ever reading the instructions?  The answer to that number is probably close to the National Debt!  Although I have found lately that the more I read instructions, the better things turn out, the more I actually learn, and the easier it gets to read instructions next time.  This morning I made coffee...and I followed the instructions on the package (never done that before). I think I've been making coffee wrong my whole life, cause today's coffee was much better.  I think when I was younger, I just always thought I knew it all (or most of it....) I bet I'm not the only one that is/was that fact one of my off-spring, a very strapping young man who shall remain nameless (couch-Cody) is VERY much that way...something about the apple and the tree......

I find in my hobby lately the more instructions I read and the more research I do, the better the results, maybe that's why I've finally had such great success's.

Well since I played "mini" hooky today, I don't have any projects to update you fact late last night (about midnight) I got in an organizing mood, I could seriously organize and re-organize sometimes for days...anything..anywhere....I couldn't imagine living without my labeler....I am seriously sick in the head when it comes to organization!  Anyway, so I spend a few hours late last night organizing some old kits that I had bought on eBay about 2 years ago, only to get them and find that out of the 10, not one is complete, and in fact out of the probably 30-40 projects that are total in the 10 boxes, probably only 1 or 2 has all the pieces, but not wanting to toss the whole lot (and I didn't realize the crappyness of the purchase until it was beyond time to complain) I had just stuck it away.  So last night I start organizing it all, and ya know what I found?  That amongst all the crud, was stuff that not only can I use, but some stuff I actually need!  For example, super fine sandpaper, tons of scrap wood (great for book inserts), lots of hardware, some paint brushes, some printies and some kits I think I can salvage and make something out of (cause I'm sure the day will come when all my other projects will be done and I'm searching for something to do.....hahahahahahahahaha).  Moral of my story, sometimes when we think we've been 'taken', we just need set the junk aside until the time comes when we look at it with fresh eyes and realize, there really is some treasure in the trash.

Now, getting back to my morning (well for most normal people it was afternoon) I think it was laced with crack...cause I challenged the toaster to a race (I had to empty the dishwasher...the toaster had to toast my bagel)...... and I won!

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