Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 111: The old country chapel is DONE!

This project has kicked my tush soo many times, I may be permanently bruised!!!

This project started life as a "garage" kit, that was offered via for their annual Creatin' Contest.  I picked the kit up in MN, as it was shipped to my daughter.  I carried it home to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and started working on it.  My inspiration for an old country church came from my good friend Kara, I'm not sure how it struck, but when I told her my idea, she was soo helpful in research.  Country churches, barns, etc always remind me of Kara.  

The first few months progress was fairly slow, as any supply I decided I needed had to be gathered when I made trips back to the U.S., which happened about every 6 weeks.   Then at the end of July, we learned we were moving back to the U.S., so I carried the 'in progress' project back to the U.S....SO this Old Church has literally been all the way around the world!

Towards the end of October I decided to make a pretty significant change in the project, I originally had 1 side of the building completely open, and there were 3 wall sconces and 2 candles...but I decided I didn't like the direction it was going, and changed it to a completely enclosed building, with a removable roof.  However this meant I needed 3 more lights.  Well I had 1, but luckily I found and ordered 3 more, because during the final week, when it was all coming together, we had soo many issues with the lights, that 2 ended up being replaced.   To say both my husband and I had frustrations during this process, is an understatement!  

But alas....IT'S DONE!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 110: A diversion was needed

So I've been working on a project for roughly 11 months, it's for another contest, which I like because it forces upon me a deadline to finish, and also I kinda like the forced starting point, because quite frankly my list of things I 'could' work on is OUT OF HAND!  

However this project has been kicking my ass!  

You might recall that I started this project while living in Malaysia, which always meant I needed to plan for the right supplies and shop for them while on trips back to the U.S.  At one point I was literally at a holt because I couldn't find white acrylic paint in Malaysia...seriously!  Then we moved back to the U.S., so I hand carried this project in the works back with me, however my studio was in transit for over 8 weeks, and with moving, etc. things took forever to get back to working.  Well now everything should be going smoothly and I should be enjoying finishing this project, and well, everything that could go wrong, just about has!  At about 60% complete I decided to make a fairly large change, which required a few more lights (that are of course discontinued) but I managed to find them thanks to many emails and maybe a stroke of lucky.  Then I realized I purchased 1 more than I needed (apparently I can't count) which ended up working in my favor, as 1 didn't work, of course I realized it after I already painted it.  So I painted the spare and seemed back in business.  Except then I realized that I didn't have enough siding, as I added a whole wall, so I ordered more, waited the 3 days, got it, and it was different.  Tried it anyway, didn't work, pulled it all off and then got about hunting for the right stuff, finally found California thanks to my husband, unfortunately he won't be coming home with it for about 10 days and I have to leave for a work trip in 2.  So that will have to wait.  O' these are just some of the woes of this project...but the final one came yesterday when I went to move the whole thing so I could work on something else (a diversion project) and while moving it, the front door which isn't permanently attached yet fell out and crashed onto the floor into a dozen ya!  

Well in 22 days it will either be done or it won't...
either way, I'm ready!

So a diversion!  That's what I needed!

Here is what I came up with

In just a few short hours, this 1:144 scale project was complete!
I guess that's one of the things I like about the smaller scale, 
it's a not only a nice diversion, but the completion time
is far shorter....sometimes hours vs. months

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 109: Since we last chatted, a lot of BIG things have happened

It's seems like forever since I've updated, 
but really it's only been about 3 1/2 months.

So...what's new your wondering?
Well let's see, my husband had his work contract cancelled, 
we found him a new job, we spent roughly 6 weeks 'homeless', 
living out of suitcases (again) while we searched for a new 
home in New York (Wappingers Falls area),  I traveled 
back to Malaysia to meet our movers,  I personally packed my studio and 
all my completed projects, and currently it is all
in a container somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean between Malaysia and New York
(hopefully safely!)  We still won't receive our items for another
2-3 weeks or so,  but we have moved into a beautiful new 
condo and I have enjoyed furnishing it and creating a few studio area to 
work in (pictures of that to come :)  

What else????  
O'ya, we had another Grandbaby on July 1, a girl this time (YEAH!) 
and my son that is engaged bought a I guess even if it wasn't for my studio
being packed and on the move, not too much Mini'ing may have happened over the summer
anyway, but who knows,  Life is always busy, and yet I do find time for my hobby.

If you are reading this, your probably more interested in my miniature life, since that's what brought you here to begin with, so with that being said, here is something fun I would like to share.  I was surprised to find Sophie's Books & Coffee in the September issue of The Dolls' House Magazine.  I've included the article below since I know many in the U.S. don't get the magazine.  Hope you enjoy reading it, and maybe, just maybe you will see what a great magazine it is, and consider subscribing.  I personally love the mag, so I'd love to see it have a bigger presence in the U.S.  If you have a iPad or tablet you can get it delivered right to your newsstand, which is what I matter where I go, I have hundreds of magazines with me, and combined they all way less than a pound :) 
(Plug for The Dolls' House Magazine complete :) 

Along with my new studio space, I've recently placed a large order with Petite Properties, which I'm hoping arrives quick as I have very little to work on right stayed turned hopefully soon for pictures of the studio and hopefully a review of Petite Properties new line of paints and a few new 1:48 scale projects that I'm going to attempt....I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to do 1:48 anymore, but I lied!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 108: 1:144 Street of Shoppes

I finished this 1:144 scale street of shoppes recently, 
and thought I would share it with you.

Again the learning process continues.....
it seems every project I do I learn something new, 
sometimes it's the things I love and sometimes it's the things I hate.
This project very much included both!

Apparently I forgot to take a close up of the outside of Chez Georges, 
so you'll just have to settle for the interior shot below.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 107: 1:144 Bathroom

I finished this 1:144 scale bathroom last week, 
it kinda has a retro feel to it. 

I chose not to finish (paint, stain, etc)
the outside of the box, I think it looks great just the way it is.

Or course as I do with every project, I made a few mistakes,
the biggest 1 was attaching the ceiling and forgetting to put the clear
front on, so it's not exactly and 'permanent' as I would have liked it

Live and learn and start another project to mess something up on :) 

The fun really never ends!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 106: My first quarter scale house

I thought I would try my hand at a 1:48 scale house, 
space in our little condo is getting a bit tight, 
so I thought maybe this was the answer until we have more space.
So far, what I've learned, and hopefully this isn't taboo to say, 
but I'm not a huge fan of quarter scale.
I'm not 100% sure why, I like the look of my project, and I 
like how it's turned out, I just don't feel as passionate about it 
as I do my 1:12 projects.

BUT, I set out to do this project, so finish it I will....
Spoiler alert's not 100% complete yet, 
I still need to landscape and do some exterior details
however I don't currently have the supplies to do
what I want, so for now, this is where it sits....wanna see?

Look below :) 

Here is the outside, close to complete....
I thought it was complete, then I saw the pictures and 
decided flower boxes are needed, at least on the 2nd floor window.

I decided to do the short roof in a copper, just for something different.

This kit is from Petite Properties, 
(it's actually a corner shop kit, but I like it as a house) 
however I've modified it a little.
The kit comes with a complete back wall and a removable front, 
I recut the back with the cutouts and made the front permanent.
I like what I consider a "traditional" back open dollhouse.

I finished the openings in back rough, meaning I painted them,
 but in a sort of 'unfinished' way, 
I felt this way fit the style of the home, it's obviously an old house,
therefore it wouldn't be perfect.

Curious about some details?????

Above is the 2nd floor bedroom

Below are close-ups of the pieces that I made 
(via kits, most again from Petite Properties)
for the bedrooms

Majority of the furniture was made using kits from Petite Properties also, 
then I added the accessories I liked best. 
Most of the pieces I did not paint, I personally like the
look of the unfinished edges and the 'burnt' of the laser cutter on the

The bench was from a Robin Betterly kit, I personally was not impressed with it
up close, the legs are bend in a bit, probably operator errors :)

And the "put-together" bedroom....

Below are some of the details of the living room on the main floor

The fainting couch above was 3D printed, 
I purchased it at the Bishop International shop in Chicago
I love how easy it painted.

If I were to redo the bookcase above, I would do a better job with the books

The main floor includes a kitchen and living room, 
with kind of an in-between dining area

The kitchen is difficult to photograph, there isn't much room to get the camera in.
Since this is about as messy as I let my real life kitchen get, this is
as 'accessorized' as I see this kitchen getting.

Hope you enjoyed my first quarter scale house, 
the interior is complete in my eyes, now it
just needs landscaping....
hopefully in the next few weeks