Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 83: Holiday Gift Boxes

Since I'm on a holiday kick lately, I thought I would make some holiday boxes.
You can make these super easy and in any size.  
Here's how I did these:
1) I google searched Holiday gift box free printable (in images)
2) I found one I liked, then clicked the link for the website
(I did this as the website has many to choose from)
3) I moved the image for the printable onto my desktop 
(as I'm not going to use it full size, so I can't just click "print")
*If you just want the 1 from google you don't need to go to the website
4) I open a new page in my photoshop 
5) drag the image onto the page 
6) size to whatever I want, these boxes I made rather small, maybe for small gifts
7) Repeat for each additional box
8) Save and print

As a reminder, please only use anything on my blog for your personal use

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