Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 75: More Philly research...and hopefully some free advertising

I'm still researching the vendors that will be in Philadelphia, 
I'm thinking maybe this is good for anyone reading this as it may shine some light on some 
artists you aren't familiar with also, and thus will be some good free advertising for them :)

I absolutely love the strawberry glass pieces from Cookies and Bits, they would be perfect in my shabby cottage

De Cave Design has some gorgeous pieces! 

I could look at Erik Goddard's work all day long!  After watching the youtube 
video of one of his tree house boxes I'm inspired to make one :) 

This was and is my all time favorite piece I've ever seen!

I'm secretly hoping Goliath Miniatures brings some components, 
but if they don't it's ok, as I have no project in the near future to use them on
and so it would add to my already out-of-control list of future possibilities

Love these rugs!  They also would be great in the cottage, or in Baby Norah's bedroom :) 

Since I'm a buyer and lover of supplies (being I'm a DIY'r) I'm going to have to get some stock supplies

I've purchased from this gal in the past, and I love her stuff!!!

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