Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 82: Only 60 Mini'ing days until Christmas

Is 'Mini'ing' a word?

Well since I'm still in "stock up on patterns and fabrics to print" phase, I thought I'd spend some time making some Christmas and/or holiday prints to have on hand just in case I ever get a bug up my mini tush to make a holiday scene/room box or house.

Some of the problems with making these fabric sheets without any projects in mind is that A) It's impossible to know how much to make for each pattern, usually I make what I need so I save ink and fabric sheet space...2) Usually I choose patterns based on the project so who knows if these will work for anything I may make in the future.....3) Sizing the patterns without a project in mind is difficult, usually when I'm working on something in particular I will adjust the pattern size based on what the fabric is being used for.... and 4) It's difficult to know when to stop making them...I have nothing but time on my hands right now, so based on how long on average it takes me to make each page (which BTW is 2 or 3 pages per hour)...I could make A LOT this week :) 

Well with no further are some Holiday fabric sheets

Wouldn't the smaller circles be great holiday coasters?

Merry Early Christmas :) 

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