Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 60: Coming clean and day dreaming

I think I need to come clean, well maybe I don't, you can be the judge :)  So I set this goal for Oct, but being I'm traveling....left home Sept 8th went to Manila for 3 days, went to Singapore overnight, flew to San Francisco and enjoyed 5 (?) days in the Napa Valley/Sonoma/Windsor area, then went to Minnesota to visit kids, saw half that state (kids in in the know), and before I continue this story, I'll divert, so I have been 'pre-planning' my oct posts.  Working on them and scheduling them for posting on each day.  Is that cheating?  To be fair, it would have been literally impossible for me to post oct 3rd otherwise, as I literally never had an Oct 3rd (where I had internet anyway) You see I left Minnesota Wed Oct 2nd for home, which is a 13 hour flight to Tokyo and then a 7 hour flight to Singapore and then a 8 hour sit and a 1 hour flight home to Kuala Lumpur, and then a 1.5 hour bus ride to the city...and with the time changes, I literally miss 1 day coming home.

Well, as happens in life all to often, plans change.  I had my posts all ready until Oct 6th and since I had planned to be home Fri the 4th, I figured I would give myself 2 days to rest and get on the opposite time schedule (literally :) and then have more ready to go. WELL...I landed in Tokyo and got the news my Paternal Grandfather had passed away.  I really wasn't very close with him, but my 1 son was and on top of that my Ex-husbands sister died last week, so this makes 2 funerals for my kids in 1 week, and I HAVE to be there for them, so I'm continuing home, going to repack and head back 24 hours later...yep, same journey in reverse....SO now I'm grateful for my "cheating" but thinking I'm not sure if this goal is gonna get much further off the ground this year :) but then as I'm sitting here in the airport in Singapore (it's 3:55am and my flt still isn't for another 4 hours) I think maybe this is good therapy!  So I'm going to take the next few minutes and day dream/brainstorm about all the projects I would love to make if money and time were endless...ready...GO

Clock shop - I love clocks!

Tobacco Room - how cool would tobacco boxes, cigars and fine liquors be in mini

Clothing boutique - I actually purchased hangers on this trip for this :)

Brewery with tasting room - this probably doesn't count here, since it's in the very beginning stages already

A Baby boys room with airplane themed fabrics - I have the fabrics started on my photo shop...but it's a LONG way from close to a start yet.

Airport lounge - luggage is soo cute in mini

A gourmet kitchen box - when I was making my shabby chic cottage that is close to complete I had planned for it to be 1 gourmet kitchen with this crazy cool island and hanging pots, but it just went a different direction (which I love that it went to) I just follow where the inspiration takes me

An ice fishing house

a cool true house built into many a small fake tree

I'd like to do more trunk projects (see Day 54 for my trunk project) I just love these!

Unique container projects, I know my 1 online group just discussed these but I've been too crazy lately to keep up on topics.  I love the laundry rooms in detergent bottles...which is just kinda silly

I'd like to make a scene or room in an old TV, that has been something I've thought about since I was a little kid.  Speaking of, so about 25+ years ago I made this homeless kinda scene, I cut a brown paper bag so it was 3 sides and the bottom was the floor and then I used an old couch and newspapers and it was grungy and ahead of anything anyone was really doing then.  I so wish I could find a picture of it, it was cool, especially since I was mid teens :)

Well I can probably come up with lots more ideas, but since I'm traveling alone I can't just leave my computer and things sitting while I pop into the bathroom... TMI?  I would love to hear more ideas from's through the sharing of ideas and usually random searches that the best ideas spring!  

O and if I don't make my Oct goal to post everyday...well then I don't...thanks for listening :)

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  1. I do not think you are "cheating" at all. Several times this last year I have also prepared a post that I planned to send out at a later date. I had little or no access to a computer on a regular basis and this worked out very well. Beside, I agree that you need to be there for your kids. I would too.