Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 81: Raggedy Ann & Andy

Do you love Raggedy Ann & Andy?
I do :) 

One of the 1st things I ever saw in miniature that I fell in love with was a bedroom set in Raggedy Ann and Andy, this was maybe 30 years ago???  
And yet I've never done a scene with anything Raggedy Ann & Andy related...maybe someday!

I did recently participate in a  Raggedy Ann & Andy swap though,
and one of the things I made was coloring books

just in case you need some coloring books, here are the 2 pages I made

I cut everything apart, stack them (trim again if necessary) 
and then glue the one edge with tacky glue.

I also made some pillows, this was the fabric that I printed to make them

This is just a picture I found on the internet while researching, but it has a cool story....
So I had this little set when I was a kid, each doll was maybe 2inches tall.  
I lost Ann like almost immediately, but I had Andy for years...
and years...and years...and years!  
In fact every time I'd move I'd find him somewhere, he even still had his hat, even though it was no longer attached.  How I didn't lose him or that hat always amazing me.  
I was soo in love with that little doll.  

Well....about 18 months ago when we did the grand downsize and had the major estate sale, he must have been inside something that sold, because I haven't seen him since ;( 

This might sound crazy, but of everything I ever lost (or got rid of) I miss Andy the most.

I keep dreaming he'll all of a sudden show up in something some day, in fact I have a couple boxes in storage at my in-laws place and when I was there last month I went through them, 
thinking he was maybe in them...
but he wasn't :(  

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