Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 62: All roads lead to Paris

I have a major obsession with Paris!  I know that Paris and the Paris Theme is super trendy right now, but honestly, I have been obsessed with it for years…and I mean YEARS!  I had an eiffel tower structure in my living room 10 years ago, before it was the trend (ask my kids!)  and yet, I still haven't been there.  If you ask my husband though, it's not for lack of effort talking about it :)  Anyway, a few months back one of my swap groups had a Paris Themed swap, so I jumped on that one!  I immediately thought of the Eiffel Tower, croissants and cafes.  Like other swaps I've done, I can never settle on just one small thing, so I end up making a few things and then putting them together so if the recipient wants to use it as I've created it they can, or they can take it apart and use any or all the parts.  So this is what I came up with:

It's basically cafe breakfast for 1…croissant with fruit, napkin, placemat and a little chocolate for desert.  

I made the placemats on Illustrator, here is a print out of it if you'd like to make some:

I also printed the napkin, which by the way started as a throw pillow, but I didn't like how it turned out, so I changed it into a napkin…this is how lots of my projects work, I start in 1 direction but then it doesn't work out, so I re-assess and go where ever it seems to lead me.  I think the napkin was part of another page though, so if I track that down in my files, I'll put that up here also, if anyone really wants it that is :)

I made the croissants and chocolate with polymer clay and yes I used a mold.  Some may call that cheating, I call it using the tools I find.  I'm not good at creating with clay, it's a constant challenge, but with more time at it, I get better, but if there is a mold to help me…I use it!  The picture kinda makes the croissant look cheesy though, I don't think they were really as glossy as the picture makes it look.  

I cut the fruit from clay canes (again, maybe some say cheating…I say why reinvent the wheel when someone has already done it better than I can).

And there ya have it….breakfast for 1…in a dream I have and will hopefully someday (soon) experience.  

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  1. I also love Paris.
    Your placemat is romantic.
    Greetings, Faby