Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 70: I'm not perfect, and usually my work isn't either

Well, if you've followed along the past few days, you've seen the following printies individually.  
Well I finally got home 2 days ago and today has been nothing but a 'me and my mini's' day, so I printed off the individual printies and I wasn't happy with the scaling.  Sometimes I think it's better to go with a visual scaling vs actual, things just need to look right and when they get too small, they just don't.  So I've re-adjusted and multiplied them, so here is a full page copy.  

I'm guessing more printies are coming your way, as I'm leaving in 2 days and will be gone for about 6 weeks, which means lots of down time while traveling....and the closest I can get to working on Mini's is working on them on my computer :)

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