Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 74: Holy Hannah that was easier then I thought

SO....just traveled another 28 or so hours from KL, Malaysia to Montreal, Canada (via Paris, France...nothing like having your dream of going to Paris come true and then only getting to stay 4 hours....although my bag got to stay for 28 hours, cause apparently it didn't want to leave!) I get here, wait did I ever say why I'm here?  If not, here's the extremely abbreviated story....husband got a major promotion (he's a pilot, used to be commercial, now flys private for an extremely wealthy person and his business partner) and he has roughly 24 days of training and after months of changes....are we going Dubai, UK, Dallas (for this training) all of which I would have been ok with (UK was my favorite choice) but then out of no where they say "spot open in Montreal, your leaving Sunday."  That was the day I got back from the states (the 2nd time).  So I sent my husband off and spent those 2.5 magnificent days home alone, roofing :)  But before my husband left he said something really cool to me, he said "I was thinking you should go to Vegas for a few days while I'm in training".  You see we lived there for a little while and I used to traveled there extensively, making a little extra money as a semi-pro poker player, so this new twist on Montreal helped.

But then while thinking about A)being stuck in Montreal and 2) being so close to the states for a few weeks it got me thinking....there's a little miniature in Philadelphia coming up...interesting.

So, I get to Montreal and my husband is very excited to see me (he seriously can't function without me for long...he's HIGH MAINTENANCE, but very generous because of it :) any how, he saids he's feeling bad because his training is soo intense, he's in class 8-11 hours a day and then has to study every night, and although he wants me here as much as possible he's afraid I'm going to get bored once I've explored all I can here, so I say.....well there was 1 thing I was thinking about going to do for a day or so, and then I bring up Philadelphia and he saids (and I quote) "You should go!"  Um...really, that easily???  Wonder if I can push it further, so I say but I really haven't saved any money for shopping and it doesn't make much sense to go if I can't buy and he saids "you run the budget, you'll make it work, do what you have to do"  I'm still dizzy!  My husband is amazing, doesn't question much, pretty much supports anything I want to do, but this is still flooring me...especially after something got knocked over  by his friend last week and I not thinkingly commented on how much a few of the pieces were and he was shocked (although not upset :)

When I went to Chicago in April (WOW, I'm crazy blessed with this man, he let me fly half way across the world to attend the Chicago show in April (Where I spent a small fortune :) and now this....WOW.  Well anyway, to plan I went through each vendor prior to going to Chicago and made notes on vendors I really liked and items I was interested in looking at.  So I thought what a great thing to do today since I'm still waiting for my bag to arrive,  and I'm really not to interested in going out to do anything when I have yesterdays clothes on, no flat iron or even hair brush, thankfully I was transitioning weather wise in Paris so I had long pants and closed toe shoes in my carry on, or I'd be stuck in Montreal with flip flops and capris on.  For the record I travel a lot (as I'm sure you've gathered) and when flying international I check a bag roughly 85% of the time and this is the 1st time ever that my bag wasn't on my flight (it was never 'lost' in fact when I went to inquire at the desk they already had the paperwork done for me, they knew it was left in Paris...I'm guessing cargo full issues, that happens :) So for those people that have the bad attitude that the airlines always lose bags, you couldn't be more wrong, given the millions of bags and cargo airlines move every day, it's an extremely small amount that have issues...and that's my 2 cents on that.

Are ya sick of reading my crap today?
Wishing I would have just posted something quick and free again?
Well too bad, sometimes it's about me and quite frankly, I find this writing therapeutical :)

Are you interested in seeing some of the things I'm going to be checking out in Philadelphia?
Good :)  here they are:

Here is a little tip I learned at the Chicago show, if your going to photograph things from people, photograph there name 1st and then take your pictures, that way you can find them after the show, or give credit where it's due :) 

I'm crazy excited to see what this Company Jar Jaf has,  I haven't heard of them yet, so obviously I haven't seen any of their things in person, but I'm soo into jewelry findings and unique items to create with....and from their site I think I'm going to love them!

Well that's all I've got in me for today, I will be working on my philadelphia wish list this evening, so I'm sure I will be sharing more tomorrow...and as I was typing this, my bag was delivered, so yeah!

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