Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 61: Hey you got the time?

My kids used to tease me…and when this project gets started, they probably will again

My kids used to tease me because I had so many clocks in the house.  I love clocks!  Little ones, big ones, round ones, square ones.  But when we sold the big house in Minnesota we downsized (and by downsized I mean we sold about 80% of everything we owned...downsized!) which mean getting rid of many clocks.  A few made the moving truck to Las Vegas, and by a few I mean 2 or 3.  And then came the move to Malaysia, and zero clocks made that journey.  For the record, we now have 1 clock in our condo.  So to say I'm going through withdrawal is an understatement.  I think a miniature clock shop is the answer.  So I've started (very slowly) making some clocks, and the 1st thing I did was make a print out of a bunch of clock faces, which I've included here for you.

The 1st time I printed this out, I printed it on a clear sticker sheet, because I used it on the grandfather clock I showed on Day 53 for my shabby chic cottage. 

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