Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 71: Cookbook library

Does your little kitchen need some cookbooks to fill a shelf?  Well check out this small library :) 
Once again this is a 8.5 X 11 page to print


  1. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing for us.
    One little suggestion > If you could space the rows out a little more for scoring of the spines, that would help so that the books above and below don't get knicked in the process.

  2. PS. It's nice to see mini enthusiasm.

  3. I'm not sure what you mean Karolyn, I hand cut the books, then score and fold. I agree spacing wasn't great though, you'll see in a future post how much better I got on that part :) To be fair, when I started making books, I thought I was just making them for the one project so the goal was to get them on the page and sized fast to pump out many....well as it turned out, many many people like them :)