Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day 73: I love the details!

I'm guessing I'm just like every other Miniaturist out there...I love the details.  
I thought today I would share some of the details of my most recent projects
I'm soo in love with these 2 outdoor lights, but I decided I want 4 outdoor lights (1 for on each side of the 2 windows) but I only have enough of the front bead to make 2, so they are made but won't be installed until I either find 2 more beads or I'll have to make 4 that match and save these 2 for a future project

I made this little flower holder from another jewelry department find, I think it will hang somewhere on the porch

These were my first 2 outside lights I made


Espresso machine and drip tray

I used tooth picks for this bench that wraps around the railing upstairs at the book shop.
I love the dark flooring and distressed black

Next to the couch is a note book I made (and it was a pain in the butt!)
Along with a little decorative chair that started life as a charm

Using jewelry department and scrapbooking department finds (and a tiny amount of muslin) I created these window treatments.

A scrap of wainscoat and some tiny hooks from in the sewing department make a great potholder hook

Another "charm", alongside some of my favorite splurges from Chicago

I love bricks and I'm a huge fan of them as flooring here
I also love how the apron breathes life into the kitchen

Finally and this may seem like a strange picture, 
but I just love how the decking comes together here on the corner

Thanks for viewing some of my favorite details


  1. The outdoor lamps are wonderful! and the expresso machine is very unique.
    Love the deck also

  2. The details are very important. I like yours.
    Greetings, Faby