Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 64: O O O It's Magic

So back on day 40 (April 3, 2013) I mentioned my husbands 1st miniature project…well let me tell you how that's gone.  I 'bashed' said container by filling in the windows he didn't like, then I painted the shell for him, then he made 2 shelves and installed them and asked if I would paint them…which I did.   

He had talked about how he wanted to do the sign for the shop, but really the project just sat there.  After a few weeks and a fews mentions to him he said he wasn't soo excited about it cause it's "too small" and what he was really excited for was making the stuff for the inside.  So I thought I would surprise him by making a lit sign for the front.  

I had a very difficult time photographing and getting the lights lit nicely...in my defense it's 4am when I took them and I'm kinda in a hurry...can ya say home for only 23 hours in a 4 week time and I can't resist not taking these pictures and updating this...WTF is wrong with me :)

I thought it turned out really cool, he seemed mildly impressed when he saw it.  So I thought well I'll make him some card decks and a couple books to 'get his fire started' for the inside stuff, so I made some prints….then I started cutting them….I put 1 or 2 together, and then it hit me, he's SO NOT INTO THIS project, and I really don't have much desire for it, so why am I forcing it?  Maybe because he has such great ideas and he's soo insightful when I'm working on something and I really WANT him to be part of my hobby to the point where it's his also.  So I just put everything for this project in a "project tray" (that's how I work….each project gets a tray…sometimes a couple :) and when I'm working on something I just pull the tray (s).) and dropped the whole topic….but then when we got talking about our original collaboration project, a Beer Brewery and Pub, and or course I had some major inspiration for that, so we got the container and cut the whole and now that project is sitting on the shelf…..I swear my husband is going to be the reason my completion numbers will always be low :)  ANYWAY….are you in need of a deck of cards or some magic books?  If so….here's a 8.5 x 11 page filled with both for you to have :)

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