Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 97: Vintage LP's

I haven't exactly been just sitting around being unproductive,
but I also haven't been utilizing my time to the best of my ability.

Wow, sounds like a report card.  How positively 70's of me.

I do have a new project in the works, it started out going to be a boutique, 
and like most projects, it's life has changed and is now more of a....well...
what do you call a shop that carry's a mish mash assortment of cool stuff?
The kind of store where you could find a super cool scarf or top, and also
a vintage LP, fun cocktail napkins to bring as a cool housewarming gift, 
and maybe pick up a funky journal to jot down your thoughts?

I personally call that store 'someplace I wanna shop'.

That's a guess the "type" of shop it is, and since I've just given away
the projects I'm currently working on for inside the shop, I may as well share 
what I did today.

I made this crate of eclectic LP's

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