Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 99: How many journals I've purchased over the years, and yet never 1 have I finished writing

Over the years I've probably purchased hundreds of journals, 
and yet this blog is the closest thing I've ever done to even come close to keeping an 
actual journal.  That's not to say all these journals
have gone to waste, O'no, not even a little bit.  In fact, I actually
need a new one at this moment.  But I don't use it as a journal, 
I use it to make my lists, jot down reminders, remember crazy
ideas I come up with at 3am,  etc.  I use them like some people use 
post notes.  Don't get me wrong, I love post it notes, but not the standard yellow
or whatever bright colored ones, I like the cute ones or 
these great tan ones I found that look like vintage paper.

So while I've been brainstorming items that should go into my 
new shop,  journals are a must.

I admit, these few took me 2 days to complete, mostly because I kept
getting so frustrated with them that I had to walk away a few times.
Also, not all of them survived....May they RIP.

Now my fingers I shall give a rest to, as those spirals wreaked a bit of havoc.

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