Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 96: Easter Projects

I spent some time this past week working on some more swaps. 
These are for a Easter swap. 

I made the baskets using bead caps, wire, and some left over fabric.
I made the grass by painting tissue paper green and then cutting it into strips and 
then making lots of cuts on each strip.

Since I love wall art, and I feel like it really can make a "scene"
I decided to make some Easter subway art.

And since that didn't feel like enough, I had this crazy idea to make peeps.

O'how I wished I either A)wouldn't have tried this or 2) could have got a better picture.
They actually turned out ok, but with the plastic on the package it was really
difficult for me to photograph, so I'm only showing this photo, you'll
have to trust me that they are kinda cute. 

I'm still contemplating making some chocolate bunnies, but first I need
to get past the frustrations of the Peeps!

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