Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 102: A New Shop in the Works

Here is sorta a sneak peak, but not really :)

I've just completed the "building" portion of this new room box, 
it's an eclectic boutique which is named

Something Old Something New
Bric a brac for those with discerning taste

It's my 1st building to ever have electricity in it.

I still need to add the sidewalk, which will be featured on it's own separate board, 
making it possible to change out the sidewalk either for seasons, for ease of packing and moving, 
or to accommodate a sidewalk that can bring together multiple shops

As you can see the inside is very eclectic in fixtures and features.

Now the work of making all the products for the shelves and displays
(which as you've already seen, I have started a little on).

Hope you enjoy this little sneak peak into this project, 
don't get too excited to see much more on this one for a while, between 
travel and another project for a contest I need to start, 
I think it will stay as is for quite some time. 

O' and ya wanna know the coolest part about this project?
Almost everything used for this project was left over pieces from 
other stuff, or just items in my stash of clearance stuff, so I have less than 
$60 into it, including the lights!

I love budget projects :) 

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