Saturday, December 26, 2015

Day 116: I've been on a roll finishing projects...pun intended

This RV started out from a kit from Michelle's Miniatures.
I really only made a few modifications, which I'll 
point out under the pictures.  It was a super easy day project.

 The quarter is for size reference only.  This project doesn't really "fit"
a scale, the truck is roughly 1:87 scale, however everything 
inside is 1:144 scale.  It seems to work though, 
I don't think it would fit if you were to park it in front of a 1:144
scale house, but on it's own, it's fine. 
I created my own wall paper, wall art, rugs and fabrics for the bed.

I did not use the kitchen that came with the kit, 
nor did I do the same layout.

And as everyone "get-away" location should have, 
a welcome mat.

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