Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day 114: I tip my winter cap at those that embrace the cold of winter

Being originally from Minnesota, 
I'm all too familiar with seeing Ice Fishing Housing on the lakes 
in the winters.  So to nod my winter cap at those
who enjoy spending time in a tiny house on a frozen 
lake, I give you this 1:12 scale Ice Fishing House

Minnesota state regulations require every
ice house have the owners name and either phone number
or mailing address be posted on the outside

Wood storage is on the back of the house
(FYI, it nicely disguises the plug in for the lights :)

Drinking beer (usually lots of it) is a regular pass time
of the ice house

Microwave is must!

Interior lights

The rattle reel (Black thing on wall above the hole)
is how you actually fish.  When you get a bite, the rattle, rattles and you 
go to the hole and check it.  The rest of the time, 
you play games and drink.

The interior of the ice house actually gets extremely
warm thanks to a heater.  Most of the time, you will be
sitting around in a T-shirt inside while it's extremely
cold outside. 

A view looking down, a bed is a must, so you can literally
stay in this ice fishing house for days.

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