Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 55: Recent Projects..pillows, dresser, bed, rugs, bench and jars

I haven't really got much to talk about, however I have finished a few projects over the past 2 weeks of so, so I just thought I would share those.
This is a dresser I made for in George & Annebelle's Bedroom

and here is in George & Annebelle's Bed

This daybed bench is on the porch of my shabby chic cottage...which is kinda a halt thanks to shingles I don't have...however I did order them yesterday and in a few days they will arrive at my best friends house in the U.S. and then when I visit NEXT month I can pick them

I went on a fabric printing binge this past week and decided to make pillows.
I've just put them on this couch as it's a good contrast for display.

This little bench was modified from a long brown and red couch I had, it's going in the shabby chic cottage...I should post that really is much better now ;)

This door mat was also part of my fabric printing were 2 other little rugs I made for inside


and more pillows

and finally some tiny jars of Garage odds & ends I made for a swap.


    Your swap partner very lucky. The parts jars are awesome!

  2. Love the dresser Jodi...good job on the when we can be our own print designer!

  3. How did you paint the cottage exterior walls and roof?
    I love the colors!!!

  4. Sorry Joanne, I've attemped to answer this now a few times and the comments don't show up. I first painted all the MDF with Gesso and then using inconsistent brush strokes and amounts of paint I painted the pink. If the paint got to 'solid' I wiped some off. Hope this helps :) Thanks for looking