Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 52: Has anyone seen my Mini-mojo?

                                       O' Please O'Please, have you seen my Mini-Mojo? 
I seem to have misplaced it.  
I had it last week, I know it was here Tuesday and I believe Wednesday, 
I'm fairly certain I didn't use it Thursday, or maybe it was
missing already on Thursday and I didn't even realize it. 
Then, I went to use it Monday this week, and it was no where.
I looked all day yesterday, nothing...no signs of it even.
Now today I wake, and is it here, well.....it doesn't feel like it.

What to do, What to do

I guess I can update a bit on what I did before I lost it.

I did the insides of the walls of the cottage.  I used a wainscoting
for the bottom 4", a wall paper on top, with a chair rail.  I removed the
2nd floor and cut out so it's just got a ridge that will go around, 
I'm considering using it for decorative purposes, and it was going to also
help with the pot rack I was going to do, but now that my
vision for the cottage seems to not be panning out, I may
rethink that part also.

Here is the one of MANY dry fits.  I wish I knew how many times
most people dry fit a project in the works.  I think my average is....
1-4 times a day for every day that I do lots of work on the structure.  
I don't know how I would do it otherwise, but maybe you get good at 
just knowing things the more you do it.

Dry fitting no longer possible...the structure is now permanently together!

View of the other wall

The porch railings have been completed

The porch roof is not permanent yet, my missing mojo is effecting my roofing decisions!

BTW, sorry for the goofy coloring in all the pictures, my lighting in my studio for pictures isn't good.
I need to get some extra work lighting in there, but I've only been to one store in the past few weeks that I could have purchased that at, and I forgot!!!  It's on the list now though.

I would literally kiss someone for a Home Depot, Lowes or Menards about now!!!

And here is where I sit....in complete disarray!
I'm trying to make decisions and get inspiration, but 
every time I sit down, it's like in the cartoons where the ghostly cloud like
puff floats out of the room.

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