Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 94: Retro Toys

This week I've been working on some things for an upcoming swap, 
the theme is toys.

I'm not sure what took me into a "retro" direction, maybe it was something
I saw online regarding toddlers and phones or video games or something, 
and well don't even get me started on how much I hate when I see a kid under 10 or 12 
playing with an electronic device instead of playing with toys.  
It's just wrong!  (in my opinion :)

Well anyway, here is my version of 2 retro toys:

After I had made these, I had a great idea to put them into a box.
I have such little experience with photoshop, but I'm learning.

So here is an original box for the 'Music on the Go' toy by SQ Toys :) 

While doing my normal brainstorming via The Google, 
I decided to try and make a Twister game.  

No the spinner on this does not spin, 
however my husband tells me "IT HAS TO!" 
so when I get a few minutes in the 
coming days...weeks...months....but probably years! 
 I will make him a working spinner for this game

Yes it has a game board, and since plastic would be too bulky for the box
(at least I think it originally was plastic)
I made mine out of cotton fabric.

And yes, it folds up and fits in the box

Well there ya have it,  2 little projects that have been dominating my time for the past 2.5 days

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  1. I love the toys! I would be thrilled to receive them in a swap. Great work.