Friday, January 31, 2014

Day 93: My Studio

One of my online groups I follow recently was talking about their workshops / studio's / whatever creative name is their preference for the space in which one creates, and so I was intrigued and went on to the group to view some of the pictures a few posted of their spaces, and then thought maybe you'd like to see where I "work" also...SOOOO.........

This is my studio!

I'm actually sitting in this chair right now as I type this :) 

Yes it usually looks like this, I work best when everything is clean and organized, and I like to walk in and jump right to it, so I try to clean up after every project (or day...whichever happens 1st :)

A lot of times though there will be either brown paper covering my work surface, or the paper the movers OVER used when we moved here, best thing I did was save most of it.

Up until about a week ago, George and Annabelle's house was on the large open shelf, but since my studio is so small, I needed more room, which means our bedroom got another house moved into it.
My husband is truly soo wonderful for not saying a word.
Now this is my project shelf, and as you can see, I have 2 projects in the wee stages of development.

And that's it!  it's roughly 8.5' x 9' of space that is just for me.
It's nothing like my dream studio, which my husband tells me I can have when we finally move back to the states in a couple years and 'settle down', but for now it's perfect!

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